How You Think About Time Can Hurt You Financially

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Have you ever had someone question your worth?

It’s never fun.

We get it all the time.

Just last week someone was questioning some of our fees.

They explained that they couldn’t justify paying us what we were asking because quite frankly “they had spent less time with us than with other professionals they’ve used in the past”.

Another person asked us for a substantial discount in our service fees because “all we did

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Is University Ruining Our Children’s Future?

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Back in June I went off to New York City for a good friend’s 40th birthday.

It was like the anti-Vegas guy’s trip.

Instead of screaming at each other over loud

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Google Did The Unthinkable & What We Learned From It

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It’s been an absolutely insane two weeks.

Nick returned from summer vacation before I did and had settled back into our more normal routine.

I landed home with my family at the end of August and it was like being hit by a brick wall…

Three days after coming home, still massively jet lagged, we moved out of our house.

We were then homeless for two days waiting for our new house to close.

That week involved packing, sleeping on hardwood

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To Be Productive You May Need Horse Blinders

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Game Time: Temporary Income vs. Permanent Income

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Understand This: The Real Money is NOT in The Real Estate

(This post taken from a Rock Star Inner Circle newsletter article…)

Most people, both veterans and beginners, completely miss their “true asset” in their real estate investing.

They *think* that the properties are their best assets.

They’re wrong. Very, very wrong.

The true asset of a smart real estate investor is their ability to get a “repeatable tenant”.

The process of getting a repeatable tenant starts with knowing how to pick a specific segment of the market.

Then formulating a message to match that specific niche in the market.

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This Type of Thinking Makes You Rich

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Over the years we’ve been approached by many people who want access to the amazing group of Rock Star investors that we proudly get to associate ourselves with.

The two main reasons these people want access to Rock Star members are:

a) There’s quite a lot of us now.

b) We all buy stuff.  We buy properties, we buy books, we look for that little advantage, that little piece of knowledge that can help us achieve our investing goals, our health goals,

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